The Plan

Estimated Time of Departure – 9 hours

I have decided to make this blog on the eve of my trip. Tomorrow morning I am setting off from home for 12-18 months with only my bike, my 4 pannier bags, my handlebar box and a map. My girlfriend Lauren will be joining for the first month.

The plan is to spend 3 days cycling to Portsmouth then catch a ferry to Le Harve. Enroute we have planned to have lunch with my dad when we cycle past his house, and to stay in my brother’s lorry house he built last year. Lauren has never been on a touring trip before so I am trying not to scare her off in the first week. Our aim together is to get to Germany, as this is where Lauren grew up so she has lots of places she wants to see again. Then I will continue solo to support England at the World Cup in Russia. Our first match is in Volgograd on the 18th June, so that will be the first major deadline I will be aiming for. A rough google maps route shows this being around 2,500 miles of cycling.

I will be carrying everything I need to be self sufficient, and will be camping and hosteling as I go, as well as using the website along the way. I’ve wanted to do a trip like this for a few years and it seems to be one of those now or never moments in life.

We are now packed and hopefully ready to set off. Yesterday morning the living room looked like this;


And now it looks like this;


So, on that note, I better get some sleep. I have a busy year ahead of me.


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